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EPA-based (APTI) Course List

Course Number & Title Description & Agenda Dates & Location Cost 1
450: Source Sampling for Particulate Pollutants 450 Description
450 Agenda
464:  Analytical Methods for Air Quality Standards 464 Description
464 Agenda
413:  Control of Particulate Emissions 413 Description
413 Agenda
435:  Atmospheric Sampling 435 Description
435 Agenda
452: Principles and Practices of Air Pollution Control 452 Description
452 Agenda
Dec. 2-5, 2014
$0 2
415:  Control of Gaseous Emissions 415 Description
415 Agenda

Note 1: EPA-based, APTI-courses at the Rutgers University Air Pollution Training Program (formerly an EPA-APTI, Area Training Center) are NO LONGER FREE OF CHARGE as they once were for employees of state and local environmental agencies. The USEPA is no longer funding Area Training Centers, as they did from 1978 through 2001, and is now directing those funds to regional consortia (MARAMA, NESCAUM, WESTAR, CENSERA, etc). Consequently, your local regional consortium, in consultation with their member-states, decides which courses to offer and also provides funding for those courses through a variety of providers. The Rutgers Air Pollution Training Program is one of those providers. Please check with your agency's training coordinator, the training coordinator for your regional consortium or call or write us for more information. The Rutgers Air Pollution Training Program (RAPTP) continues to offer high quality air pollution training to state, local and private-sector air quality professionals.

Note 2: This course is being funded by NESCAUM. There is no charge for personnel from NESCAUM member-states. For others, the course fee is $895.

For other EPA course offerings around the country, please visit the EPA Air Pollution Training Calendar.